The Swedish Research Institute

RISE’s employees support and promote all manner of innovative processes. RISE is home to a broad spectrum of leading competence, research and innovation services and cross-boundary business areas for industry, academia and the public sector, organised into six distinct Divisions.

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Net sales: 404 msek. Employees320.

In the circular bioeconomy of the future, advance forestry-based and renewable products can replace current fossil fuels. The Bioeconomy Division works from raw materials and processes to finished product, such as wooden mechanical products, paper, packaging, textiles, carbon fibre, chemicals and fuel. The Division’s testbeds and demonstration facilities play a significant role in scaling up processes for the future impact of biorefinery.

Bioscience and Materials

Net sales: 422 msek. Employees: 370.

Bioscience and Materials is the natural innovation partner for industries such as agriculture and foodstuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biochemicals and biofuels, as well as for the automotive and construction industries with regards to the materials area. The Division acts as a support at all stages of the process, from concept to realisation, focusing on the customer’s needs and society’s sustainable development.


Net sales: 99 msek. Employees: 70.

The Certification Division helps RISE’s customers to generate trust and reach new markets. The Division engages in research and certification operations within management systems, product and person certification in several areas. Experienced management systems auditors, leading competence and a unique level of access to superior research and evaluation expertise with the Group makes Certification a stable collaboration partner.


Net sales: 510 msek. Employees: 470.

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) offers expertise along the entire chain for a digital and innovation-driven society; hardware, software, business development and industry insight within numerous strategic areas. The Division boasts leading expertise within fields including sensor systems, automation, printed electronics, big data analysis, cyber security, visualisation, interaction design, fibre optics, sustainable transport and circular business models.

Built Environment

Net sales: 413 msek. Employees: 340.

A major challenge affecting us all is building a sustainable future society. By combining a holistic view and cutting-edge competence, the Built Environment Division produces climate.friendly, energy-efficient and cost-efficient services which put the needs of people first. The Division is active in areas such as urban management, efficient use of resources, function and construction, infrastructure solutions and urban development.

Safety and Transport

Net sales: 636 msek. Employees: 594.

Secure, sustainable transport is a must for the future. At the same time, a high-technology society brings about increased risks. The Division offers competence in active security, mechanical risks, measuring technology and fire protection in advanced laboratory settings. The Division also works with testing, inspection, calibration and verification. This Division is also home to AstaZero, a testing facility for active traffic safety.

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