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Research Institutes of Sweden

Accelerating Innovation

RISE in 30 seconds

Innventia, SP and Swedish ICT have merged to become RISE, in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner.

Through our international collaboration programmes with academia, industry, and the public sector, we ensure the competitiveness of the Swedish business community on an international level and contribute to a sustainable society. RISE’s employees support and promote all manner of innovative processes, and our roughly 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities are instrumental in developing the future-proofing of products, technologies, and services. RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is owned by the Swedish State.


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— a historic year

Three of the largest industrial research institutes, Innventia, SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut and Swedish ICT, merged together to form the new RISE Group. We are now one as RISE, Sweden’s largest industrial research institute with 2,200 employees.

Main Areas

RISE’s collected offering has three primary avenues; applied research and development, industrialisation and verification, and quality assurance. These designations describe the benefits and the application of the multitude of competences and services we offer, and which constantly cross-fertilise each other.

Business and Innovation areas

RISE is an innovation partner. We identify and develop products, processes and systems together with customers and collaboration partners. In our five Business and Innovation Areas, we gather cross-boundary competence to meet the challenges of the future.


RISE’s employees support and promote all manner of innovative processes. RISE is home to a broad spectrum of leading competence, research and innovation services and cross-boundary business areas for industry, academia and the public sector, organised into six distinct Divisions.

International study provides valuable new knowledge for a sustainable future

In order to obtain crucial knowledge about the development of industry and global trends, RISE continually monitors and analyses the external environment. One example of this is Global Outlooks, a future-oriented report series concentrating on bioeconomy.

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No frogs on the road

The construction of AstaZero, a testing facility for active security, entails a significant impact on the surrounding nature. But much has been done to retain – and even develop – the conditions in which the fauna in the area can flourish.

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A glass-half-full kind of society

Sweden is world-renowned for its glass. For centuries, glass has been produced in the Småland region’s ”Kingdom of Crystal”, which also means that hundreds of years’ worth of glass has been sorted out, broken and thrown away at the glassworks.

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Charged electric roads

Electric roads, or charged roads, can transmit electrical energy to vehicles trafficking the route. The technology may prove to be an important step towards eliminating fossil fuels from transport.

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Biobased jet fuel from the forest

For the sake of our climate, jet fuels of the future must be based on renewable raw materials.

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Towns and cities to become more climate safe

As urban centres expand, natural land is covered by various rigid and less permeable materials and products.

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Cyclists are soft and so are the new cycle paths

More and more people are choosing to cycle. A development that is good for both health and the environment. However, as the number of cyclists increases, the number of cycle accidents also goes up.

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Markings set for a new look

From 2017, all certification and consumer markings have been given a new look.

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An app that saves paper, time and money

Every year, 40-something employees in the Transport and Safety Division make up to 30,000 adjustments to weighing scales and fuel pumps – work that has thus far generated enormous amounts of paper in the form of documentation and measurement data.

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Sustainable events

RISE is the first in Sweden to certify management systems for sustainable events according to the standard ISO 20121 – which was introduced just prior to the London Olympics in 2012.

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Two boxes all that is needed for new super cardboard

An entire factory is stored in just two containers. A factory which can use normal wood fibre to produce a material which is as strong as steel – and sustainable packaging which is lighter than ever.

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Healthy sausages come from the sea

Together with the company Musselfeed, experts within RISE have developed a prototype for a new kind of healthy, environmentally-friendly delicatessen product from the depths – mussel sausage.

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New technologies to fight resistent bacteria

Antibiotic resistance, when bacteria change in a way that reduces the effectiveness of drugs, chemicals, or other agents designed to cure or prevent infections, is a global threat to humanity, presenting a real danger to the health care systems’ ability to treat infectious diseases

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More intelligent waste management in Borås

The Norrby district of Borås faces numerous challenges related to economic, ecological and social sustainable community development.

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The first talking bandage

At Absorbest they had an idea. A simple thought. Would it be possible to incorporate some intelligence into the bandage itself?

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Closer care – at a distance

Almost half a million people in Sweden suffer from the chronic lung disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The disease means regular hospital visits for check-ups, tests and treatment. But maybe not for much longer.

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Longer life for digitalised church

Gökhem Church in Västra Götaland County is most likely one of the oldest churches in Sweden, built around the year 1100. Now it is time to get it digitalised.

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Patient evaluation for better cancer care

To enable small and medium-sized companies to develop effective cancer therapy, promising pharmaceutical candidates need to be tested. A customer project initiated in 2016 involved the screening of pharmaceutical candidates for toxic effects on cells and other bodies.

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In the future, fish will grow on trees

Farmed fish is an absolute necessity if we are to provide the world with sufficient protein without overfishing the world’s oceans.

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